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NPO Japan Reiki Association
Usui Reiki Learning Journey

Everyone can practice Reiki Ryoho (Reiki hands on therapy)  to help improve the body and mind conditions of ourselves and  also others. 

To begin your Reiki practice journey, you need to receive attunements from a qualified Reiki teacher (Shihan)。

In our association, we teach Usui Reiki in both traditional Japanese style and the more popular Western style. We teach the Usui method of Reiki in its original and simplest form. Our teachers are NPO Japan Reiki Association certified, and we teach with the same syllabus and manual as our peers teaching in Japan.

We offer 3 levels of courses to prepare you and qualify you to perform Reiki healing. This healing can be done on others, or for self healing. As you progress through the levels of Reiki trainings, you develop your healing strength.

We also offer Reiki practice and writing examinations for someone who are interested to find out how well she or he process with Reiki knowledge. And these 2 examinations are the prerequisite to take a Usui Reiki Teacher's Training.

The Teacher's training course offered from our association is an apprenticeship style through out the training process the teacher guide the student to understand and learn the meaning, techniques and procedures to become a qualified Reiki teacher. 


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