Japan Reiki Association - Singapore Chapter 


Heal ourselves and our loved ones
- The way we raise our quality of life -


Usui Reiki therapy is a Japan origin healing modality which Founder Usui Mikao discovered about 100 years ago.


We are part of Japan Reiki Association and based in Singapore.


We devoted ourselves to help you bring back more vitality and tranquility into your life through the magical power of Reiki.

 Email: connect@japan-reiki.sg

 Wechat: japanreikisingapore


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We provide 2 services

Learn Usui Reiki

Teach authentic Japanese tradition style and western style Usui Reiki


Receive Reiki Therapy

Offer both on site healing treatments and Distance healing treatments


To increase number of people who can feel 'Love, Peace of Mind, Connection, Life, Blessing' through Reiki

To raise awareness of Reiki therapy and Support different streams of Usui Reiki

Masters/Teachers widely in the background.


Promote Japanese Usui Reiki