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LSE Relaxation Therapy

Improve spine alignment, relief back pains, shoulder pains & improvement on constipations by guided mild stretches and Reiki healing power.

Relaxation therapy

or "Relaxation techniques" refer to the variety of methods and manipulations used to reduce stress, muscle tension, and anxiety in the body.


This is a group session of relaxation exercises combine a small portion of strength exercises.  And enhance the healing effects from Reiki.

90 min per session l SGD45 per session 

* Before start the therapy, we will meet you once on zoom to understand your needs.

* To reach the maximum effects, you need to commit to 4 consecutive sessions - 1 session per week - in order to be familiar with the stretches. Afterwards, reduce to once a month until the issue resolved.  

- 80 minutes of guided mild stretching which is carefully tailor-made addressed to your unique body situation to help you relax body, improve alignments, increase body strength and thus to reduce back pains or improve constipations.

- 10 minutes Reiki healing send to you by a certificated Reiki Master.

You will take away from the session 

 - more balanced energy

- more relaxed body

- a set of stretches suitable for you to practice at home to further improve your body

- a small but effective lists of everyday lifestyle improvement suggestions 

* Remember to wear comfortable and strechable cloth and prepare a pair of clean socks. 

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