LSE Relaxation Therapy

- Here we provide a space for you to let go your stress and tightness... to relax and pamper yourself.site hands-on healing session 

Relaxation therapy

or "Relaxation techniques" refer to the variety of methods and manipulations used to reduce stress, muscle tension, and anxiety in the body.


This is a group session of relaxation exercises and enhance the healing effects from Reiki along with soft binaural beats music.

1 hour per session l SGD160 for 4 sessions

- short Reiki attunement to help balance energy flow inside body

- guided mild stretching to relax body and improve alignments 

- guided Reiki breathing meditation to calm down and relax

- finally immersed in healing music on a comfy Futon bed. Time Out.

You will take away from the session 

 - more balanced energy, more relaxed body and mind ready for your next challenge or headed home to your own lovely bed!

* Remember to wear comfortable cloth and prepare a pair of clean socks.