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Teacher's Training

By application only


  • Must pass written & oral exams

  • Your teacher also agreed that your Reiki energy is ready to take up the training.

Content of the training:

  • Review levels 1, 2 and 3 knowledge and practices.

  • Learn key points in teaching the traditional Usui Reiki style.

  • Learn to give attunements.

  • Learn what does it mean to be a Reiki teacher.

  • Guide you on next steps in setting up your Reiki teaching practice.

  • During the teacher's training period, you are invited to attend your teacher's attunement courses and group practice classes free of charge. To observe how your teacher teach and practice attunements along with you teacher in attunement courses and group practices.

  • The duration of training is about 6 month to one year depending on your progress. 

  • You will graduate from the Teacher's Training in confidence and ready to hosts your own attunement courses and practice classes.

​Course Fee:SGD2400



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