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Let Reiki becoming your new lifestyle...
SS Reiki Circle

This is a very special healing program which combining Reiki practice and receiving of Reiki healing energ from powerful Reiki Master AT THE SAME TIME.


This online zoom program start during the Covid pandemic period aimed to provide Reiki practitioner a space to practice and receiving Reiki while we all were locked down at home. 

During each practice session there is one Reiki Master guiding the practice and another Reiki Master holding a Reiki bubble which keep sending Reiki to every practitioner in that session...  With the additional Reiki energy of Reiki bubble and the group practice energy, practitioners will feel their practices more calm and stable and able to reach a stronger healing effects as compare to practice individually. 


Each month we offer 2 events:

Weekend evening Self-healing practice

Weekday evening Reiki Breathing practice 

Each of these practice incorporates a simple ritual according to our 100 year old traditional Japanese Reiki lineage and the power of loving and care from the universe!


All are welcome to experience but you will received a more powerful healing results if you are:

- A Reiki practitioner

- Have some experience of breathing practices (for Reiki breathing sessions)

*  At the moment we only offer Mandarin language sessions.


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