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Your Reiki Growth Map
 NPO Japan Reiki Association Accredited
                      (JRA accredited)


Step 7. Association Accreditated Shihan(Reiki Master)

Congratulations to making your way up to this final stage. JRA-certified Reiki Shihan (Reiki Master) upon passing the teaching proficiency test.

Step 6. Teacher's Training

Spreading the light of Reiki. Learn the steps to attunement process and how to teach the different levels. This is the final level for those who wish to teach Reiki.

Step 5. Proficiency Examinations 1 & 2

Written and practical examination to prepare you to be knowledgeable and familar with both Reiki theory and practical skillset. Authorised with the title of Reiki Tatsuhi upon passing.

Step 4. Jyokyu : Third Degree

Reiki Level 3 Learn the fourth symbol and mantra, how Reiki works to enhance spiritual wellbeing and how to find ulimate peace of mind.

Step 3. Chukyu : Second Degree

Reiki Level 2 Learn the three symbols and mantras, healing others and distance others. Learn both western and traditional healing methods.

Step 2. Shoyokyu: First Degree

Reiki Level 1 Learn what is reiki, its history and about self cleansing and self healing.

Step 1. Journey Begins

Usui Reiki founder Mikao Usui stated in the very beginning that the significance of Traditional Japanese Reiki lies in in improving one's quality of life. Final destination for Reiki-ho is to attain ultimate peace of mind, the state of Anshin-Ritsumei.

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