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NPO Japan Reiki Association is a non-profit organization established in 1994 in Osaka.


To promote awareness about Reiki treatment and Reiki method to people, to assist people understand Japanese traditional Reiki correctly.

NPO Japan Reiki Association Singapore Chapter is the 6th overseas branch of the association.

Our Association Missions


*Feel proud of our palm! 

*Increase number of people who can feel love, peace of mind, connection, life and blessing through Reiki. 

*Raise awareness of Reiki therapy and support different streams of Usui Reiki masters/teachers widely in back ward manner. 

*Promote Japanese Reiki as our traditional culture.

*Contribute to local society as providing seminars and sessions to the citizens for improving people's health in Body and Mind, quality of life.


Our Goals

- Provide a support system for all Usui Reiki practitioners regardless of school or lineage.

- Disseminate information about Traditional Japanese Reiki.

- Provide an opportunity to experience Usui Reiki healing.

- Provide support through Reiki to areas in the world where medical assistance is not easily accessible.

- Promote awareness of feelings of Love, Peace, Connection, Life and Gratitude through Reiki.

Our Missions as Reiki Masters and Reiki Teachers


-To support people learn Reiki is equal to help people brighten their soul through Reiki.

-Always trying hard and serious about self growth.

-Become sample of 'happiness'.

-To teach Usui Reiki correctly, not acting suspicious nor unconventional.

-To carry out reliable guidance.


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