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Review your Usui Reiki progress!
Proficiency examinations

Proficiency examinations:

The proficiency exam signifies the completion of your Reiki learning levels. 

Qualification for the examinations:

Completion of Usui Reiki Attunement Course Level 1 to Level 3 in NPO Japan Reiki Association. 


Why do I take this Reiki exam?

  • If you want to know how much did you understand what you learnt about Reiki in the past

  • If you want to be a certified Usui Reiki teacher authorized by NPO Japan Reiki Association and teach Usui Reiki to people.

Written exam


Only about 1/3 chance to pass at the first time!

If you failed and want to retake, you need to pay the same fee again!

  • Test how much knowledge that you acquired from the text books of your 3 levels of attunement courses

  • The candidate must obtain 90% or more to pass

  • The candidate has 100 minutes to write the exam

  • You will receive exam result within 7 days after the exam.

  • Fee:  SGD220

Practical exam

  • Test your proficiency level on Reiki practice techniques on self and others.

  • The candidate must obtain 90% or more to pass

  • This exam will let you demonstrate your Reiki healing techniques for a section of 75 minutes.

  • You can take 1 session of practice review with one of our association Reiki teacher (Shihan) before the exam takes place.

  • You will received exam result right after the exam.

  • Fee: SGD620



  • You can decide to take up only the written exam or both exams. You can decide whether to go into teacher's training after passed the 2 exams.

  • If you just take the two exams for measuring how much you understand about Reiki, we will issue the certificate 'Advanced Reiki Practitioner' after you passed these two exams. If you decided to proceed to teacher's training, we will issue certificate of Advanced Reiki Practitioner/Shihan after you finished the Teacher's training.

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