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     Come to encounter w Reiki
Reiki Experience Gathering


If you are:

•    Wants to know more about Reiki
•    Wants to experience Reiki Healing
•    Wants to experience genuine tradition Japanese Usui Reiki

Then welcome to join Reiki Experience Gathering!

 120 min l SGD 15 per ticket

What will you experience : 

* You will be able to receive Reiki on massage table or on a chair for 10-15 min.

* You will join us to practice a classic Usui Reiki breathing exercise which was taught 100 years ago by our founder Usui Sensei.

* You will have a brief idea of what is Usui Reiki and how this Reiki works.

* You will also be able to experience hands-on healing to another person with the guidance of a  Reiki practitioner or Reiki teacher.

* You may also experience group Reiki healing practice.

* A bottle of drinking water or a cup of hot tea.

We offer very limited tickets per gathering in order to keep proper distance of personal contact in our space. 

So please contact us to book purchase your ticket while space available! 


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