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Have doubt about your
         Reiki flow?

This session is for those who took Reiki Attunement Courses in the past from other Reiki organization.

If you are;

*Took Attunement Course in the past

*Not sure what kind of Reiki course have you taken

*Not sure how good is your Reiki energy flow

*Not sure how good is your Reiki practice

*Not sure what your Reiki knowledge

*Couldn't feel Reiki energy flow 

Then come to attend a Reiki Check Up session. 

In this session we will check your Reiki flow situation, identify whether your Reiki flow is Usui Reiki, clarify some Reiki questions and discuss with you how to plan the next steps along your Reiki path.


Please note that this session cannot cover the over all knowledge of Reiki which you need to learn by attending our Attunement courses.


Duration: 1hour 

Session Fee: SGD30

Our association address:

International Plaza

10 Anson Road





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