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  Reiki Thursday


Welcome to Reiki Thursday, a new initiative curated by Reiki Shihan/Reiki Master Javier Lau to help individuals experience the healing power of Reiki. Whether you're new to Usui Reiki or have been practicing it for years, our program provides a unique opportunity to gather, learn and exchange experiences.


Every Thursday, we will be hosting two events:

- Reiki Discover

- Reiki Share


Reiki Discovery

It is ideal for non-practitioners who want to experience Reiki before making a decision to receive Reiki healing or learn Reiki. During this gathering, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Reiki, experience a short Reiki session, and ask any questions you may have about Reiki.


Reiki Share

It is a space for practitioners to gather and exchange experiences and healing tips. During this event, practitioners of all levels are welcome to share their experiences, learn from each other, and practice Reiki together.


We believe that Usui Reiki is beneficial for all, and we want to share this gift with as many people as possible. Whether you're new to Reiki or have been practicing it for years, we invite you to join us every Thursday for a unique and transformative experience


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